discovery cube

virtual motion ride

We were asked by Gear 6 Productions to create a 2 ½ minute, 60 fps non-stop virtual ride for a 5K projection that takes the audience through Los Angeles’s drainage and sewer system, via a flushed toilet and through the countless spinning turbines and twisting tunnels of the Tillman Water Reclamation Plant.   The ride encounters countless floating garbage, swarms of bacteria, chlorine clouds, jets-spurting bubbles and even an “asteroid field” of poop and bugs!  We created a fully working virtual model of the water plant, filled it with millions of event and gravity driven particles such as garbage, raw sewage, bubbles and bacteria together with a combination of CGI and practical water elements.  Our render farm generated approximately 45,000+ frames that contained all the different animated elements which were then composited using a forced depth of field approach to give the sensation of not only being microscopic, but immersed in a 3D-like experience without 3D glasses.