untamed & uncut

Animation & Visual Effects

For all 3 seasons (46 episodes), we worked with the wonderful team at Cheri Sundae Productions. An intense schedule meant generating over 2 minutes of animation per week resulting in over 1 million rendered frames to bring to life dynamic animal attacks !  We decided to purposely render a more stylized form of animation, so that the actual reality footage would remain more graphic and have greater impact resulting in a PG rating (a first)!. Creative Director Leslie Allen gave the show it's radical look with an intense editing style and then designed and directed over 300 complex animated sequences featuring dozens of creatures, wildly different natural environments, motion capture humans and countless visual effects to portray exciting re-enactments of actual events. This was the show that literally broke Animal Planet’s mold and increased the channels viewership 5 X overnight!
Untamed & Uncut is the most watched and highest rated show in the History of Animal Planet!