the amazing race

Main Title Design & Graphics Package (season 1)

The main logo uses an earthy/explorer color theme similar to something you’d see in National Geographic magazine.  
Because the Adrenalin-pumping opening could not reveal the cast at any specific location, they were digitally removed from video footage and re-inserted over other plates to throw the viewer off.  The location footage was captured using multiple formats with varying degrees of quality.  An overall film look was applied and then treated with multiple overlays of color and fast moving elements to quicken the pace even more.  The impossible CGI jet flyby at the start of the opening was achieved by tracking real clouds (shot at 400mph) and inserting a 3D jet.with multiple light and shadow passes.  Using hi-res maps,  a radar-feel was added and the animated in 3D to follow the contestant’s progress.  The signage and paper elements, making up the on location cards, passes, envelpes etc...also had to be designed.