Delivering An Explosive Finale for SYFY’s “Blood Drive

We were asked to come in for the series finale and design, create and DESTROY “Heart Tower” the nerve center of Blood Drive. Its demise had to be convincing, dramatic and retain the outlandish spirit of the show. We planned on using Cebas's Thinking Particles combined with Fume FX, which meant building a scale 3D model carefully designed and rigged for a physics-based simulation collapse, using different material properties for concrete, glass, metal. etc. Every floor was heavily detailed with office furniture and people to help give the simulation further mass and be more visually dynamic in 4K. Further layers of particle destruction as well as large fireballs, smoke and debris were added to make this the MOTHER of all explosions.

The existing skyline and street area was replaced with a big tilt up to the Heart Tower with atmospherics added to reflect a deserted city. For the drive up and smash through the doors 3D architectural façade was created and added added over a basic set of doors to match later interior shots.

The mayhem was brought inside by blowing out, glass, doors and walls,using falling debris and dimensional smoke around actors

For the TV news aftermath, an areal shot New York was 3D tracked, building damage added together with millions of pieces of particle rubble