queen of the south

Main Title Design (Seasons 1-5)

SEASON 4  Located around mystical New Orleans and Louisiana, we moved beyond previous season's Aztec-themes to establish more sinister and ominous tones.  The diamond masquerade mask organically forms over Theresa's face as her former self is finally consumed by power and wealth, but forcing her to operate from the shadows.  Cartel symbology discretely floats within the inky skyscape as the bayou foreground is bathed with intense red city lights.

The title forms within a complex multi-layered environment of flowers and swirling blood that features the lead character "Theresa", painted for the "Day of the Dead". She is the center of her drug universe with her victims tumbling around her as golden weapons (Cartel symbols of wealth and power) majestically float by. The logo was constructed in embossed gold, following a primitive/traditional a Mexican theme. In addition to the title, we delivered over 370 VFX shots for season one (see Visual Effects section).