Main Title Design

"Born this Way" runs the gamut of diverse personal challenges, family and friendships, so we took an unobtrusive but unique graphical approach.
The opening shots are filled with fresh in- your-face life, so the design needed to convey that spirit and feel very natural, almost hand-drawn but with a light structure.  The addition of the dots emphasizes the number of chromosomes. For the body of the show, we wanted to maintain an understated feel, so traditional items such as lower thirds just had to go!  Instead, only basic information is shown, resulting in a deceptively simple look that serves only to augment the narrative in a non-dramatic way.  Additionally, because this is real life, some of the cast can be difficult to understand with many scenes requiring several subtitles on screen simultaneously. We came up with a hybrid subtitle/text messaging approach, which meant smaller unobtrusive boxes that could be positioned relative to each person, rather than big black boxes centered onscreen. We are very proud to be part of the multi-Emmy Award winning team