Queen Of The South

Visual Effects Seasons 1 & 4

We returned in season 4 to contribute to an exciting variety of photo-realistic blood work and invisible FX. We'll post these shots very soon.
Over 370 Visual effects shots were delivered for season 1 of USA’s new hit series and requirements ranged from from high-tech to the very, very bloody with everything needing to feel extremely realistic and gritty.  From day-to-night, super slow motion, weapons and damage of every kind, masses of blood, environmental augmentation such as adding trees, skies and buildings, green screen, electronic tracking devices, GPS, surveillance monitoring, burner/smart phones, objects, people and product removal/replacement to the massive amount of graphic design used to construct convincing functioning digital devices and TV news broadcasts.  We also designed the main title sequence.

Because the Dallas Cartel conducts all aspects of its businesses using technology such as smart phones, surveillance and GPS to track it's people, mules and cargo, it was vital that every device needed to believable and realistically react to users input while helping the story. We had to create, animate, track and composite every single piece of content used on every smartphone, tablet, television news broadcast, surveillance monitor, GPS device or digital signage for the entire series. Just like the the real world- each character has their own unique smart device (some on different OS platforms). All TV broadcasts needed full graphics packages develped, especially when covering the local Mexican elections.