Visual Effects

We came onto Paradise Lost immediately after wrapping season 3 of the "The Chi". Our main tasks were to perform complex cleanup and removal work,  together with convincing photo-realistic CGI creatures such as birds flocking and thousands of attacking fire ants.. Other seamless work involved aerial 3D tracking and constructing multiple Air-streams, caravans and RVs to fill up a trailer park. The CGI deer shown was unfortunately lost in the edit.:

The ending reveal for season 1 was an ambitious drone shot that begins with the camera coming out from a CG trailer door and then climbing up 100's of feet into the air to reveal trailer park. We needed to build up the scale of the shot by increasing the number of trailers seen, so we constructed various types of photo-realistic trailers, caravans, small gardens, plants, BBQs, trash, etc. Everything needed to match the worn-out look with a large amount of detail needed to hold up when close to camera. It was all rendered out using 3DS Max and VRay.

Thousands of CGI red ants were added using a particle system, flocking and collision detection. The ground and child's legs had to be 3D tracking so that the ants could convincingly converge and react to motion and camera movement.  Additionally, this scene required intense 3D tracking marker removal  added by production and also heavy perspiration on clothing.