angie tribeca

Visual Effects

Adding seamless CGI to Comedy.  From blowing up the mayor, filling an interrogation scene full of digital smoke, using a light saber to combat crooks or getting TV’s funniest dog to finally taking a shower... we hopefully helped make Angie Tribeca even funnier!
For fans, probably the season’s most eagerly awaited scene was Hoffman taking a shower.  For this, he was seamlessly matched with a rigged 3D model so that we could animate him more freely akin to “Scooby Doo” enabling him to stand up on his hind legs and scrub himself under the arms.  The shower water also bounces and drips off Hoffman and that was generated using a particle system, helping sell the shot.  Another heavily promoted shot all season was Officer Geils revealing that he actually owns a light saber, which just had to look perfect!  A 2 minute interrogation gag has Angie interviewing a suspect whose cigarette endlessly pours out CGI smoke, which eventually fills up the room causing everyone to be lost!